I absolutely LOVE running in Florida!

No lovely “fall air” to burn my lungs, no “crisp” winter air to freeze my lungs and no “frosty” spring air to burn my lungs.

Florida is basically one season of summer/late summer/late spring awesomeness!

I did 5.5 miles today in my Vibrams.  i was going for six but ran out of space on y loop home.  At some time today i need to do PiYo but for right now i’m going to just soak in the sun and watch some football

Have a great one

As out running at 4:30 am in a town I don’t know where people have said look out for gators, I feel good!

Last nights workout at the gym with my trainer was solid, I’m shifting back to my 7pm time slot because I don’t like getting home at 9:30pm

No one is going to GIVE you the time to workout and improve your health.  Everyone else will always find a reason you shouldn’t go to the gym at the time you want to go, or you shouldn’t go running at that time because blah blah blah.  

you have one body, one life and at the end of it, when you’re old and grey, the difference between ambulatory and and non-ambulatory is the time you spend taking care of yourself now.  

3 miles done….slow but done

Time for PiYo upper body and then off to work.

Have an amazing day!

It’s been a LONG time!

So, here’s the scoop.  I have packed up my life and moved from Illinois to Florida, started a new job in July.  The biggest thing I miss is no longer teaching classes a few times a week so I will need to find a studio to teach out here in Florida.  I’ve finally gotten semi settled and an beginning to establish a regular workout routine again.

I started going to a gym in Aug and i’m working with a trainer for the first time in ages.  

This place is pretty cool.  Full of meat heads and body builders.  I’m seeing a trainer 3 times a week to generate some changes on things i’ve been having problems with.  I’m also seeing a nutritionist who’s told me I eat way to many calories and is in the process of creating a new diet for me.

I’m also doing Piyo at home for more flexibility and core work

Great workout program!  I did get certified to teach it so clearly I like it.  I’m going slow because I seem to have lost all flexibility over the last few months.  Moving is a pain.

I also am running again as I have a 1/2 marathon in less than 75 days.

so much to do so little time.  

workout for the day done.  I’ll start to write more in more detail as time progresses.  As of now, I still don’t have all my stuff as the moving company seems to have lost things and won’t return my calls or emails.

So that’s all i got for now.  Starting over but having fun doing it in a totally different surrounding.

It’s been a busy month!

I’ve moved to Tampa Fl, got a new job, worked out at Powerhouse gym and am enjoying the change in scenery.

More to come as I settle in bu lets just say last nights workout was epic.  I have lifted heavy like that in years!

Where have I been?

I have actually kept up with my P90X3 workouts, and teaching, I just haven’t had time to really blog about it.

So here’s the deal, just like with P90X, X2 and now X3, month 2 of these workouts is hard and feels like no man’s land.  You may or may not see changes, feel stronger or thinner but don’t quit.

Now is absolutely the time where are the changes are being made!  Just like when a caterpillar is in it’s cocoon and you see nothing happening, an entirely different creature is about to emerge.

I decided not to write much about block 2 of P90x3 because it is hard and I would be doing a lot of bitching about how hard it is but you know what, it’s also the most fun i’ve had doing one of these workouts in a log time.

Eccentric Upper, Eccentric lower, Incinerator, triometrics, x3 yoga and MMX all rotating for the last three weeks has been challenging but I see the difference and I FEEL the difference!  But if i had to describe these to you on a daily basis, they suck!  My legs and hips are still sore from yesterday!

does this look fun?

just look at Tony’s face and he phones it in half the time.

or this

chest still burning and you recover enough to do it again the next week

how about this from triometrics:

Basically, month 2 of any P90X workout program is a lot of hard work that you may or may not see the results of…Until next month :)

I”m entering the recovery week starting Monday and then it’s Month 3 of P90x3 and i’m excited about how this is going to turn out!  I feel stronger an more stable.  Weaknesses in my hips an legs are beginning to repair themselves and it’s a GREAT Program!  order a copy!


I am officially signed up for PiYo certification at the end of the month and I think this will be an excellent addition to my training.  The more I run the more I see how flexibility and core strength are important.  I can’t wait to teach this one in class :)

So there you have it!  I’ve been working out and pushing play everyday.  I’m currently on day 47 of the program and ready to take on next months challenges.

Are you still here with me?


Oh no! Kryptonite located!!!

When you start any journey, you have to remember the why. #rundisney #roadtodisney #dopey2015 #dosomethingamazing

This workout should just be called leg death.

I understand why it’s called triometrics.  Each exercise is a minute and broken into 20 second phases.  Example, you’ll do lunges, then you’ll do a deeper lunge, then you’ll do a deeper lunge with a jump.  

I am already sore and tired from the run on Sunday, Monday’s workout and then I also did a session of Bikram last night.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so inflexible in my life!  Bikram just about killed me!  My hips and lower back are getting tighter from the other workouts that i’m doing so Bikram comes along and attempts to work that out.

Triangle and blow pulling pose just about killed my legs and if that wasn’t enough, toss in T as in torture and I was ready to die

Needless to say all that work on top of today’s Triometrics has me feeling like spaghetti.



What am I doing to myself?

Truth is, I haven’t felt this sore in ages and it’s a good sore.  I”m tired and weak now but I can feel more strength returning, flexibility coming back and weight dropping.  Month 2 of P90X is always the hardest and with the additional things i’m doing, I can’t expect this to be easy, but…

Tomorrow is Yoga X3….which I would be excited about doing but i’m so sore i can only hurt…

Keep pushing play!


I”m now moving on to Month 2 of P90X3 and it starts off with a boom!

it’s a simple workout with pushing and pulling but throws in an isometric twist.  I think the word of the day, when it comes to X3, is ISOMETRIC.  Every activity is designed to activate multiple muscles and keep then engaged during the course of the workout.

I did a 4 mile run on Easter Sunday.  During the trail portion of the run I hit a thorn bush and scratched up my leg pretty good.  I guess body pain now means less when the 1/2 and full marathons begin.

Time for a Shakeology and then off to work

Have a great one