It’s been a busy month!

I’ve moved to Tampa Fl, got a new job, worked out at Powerhouse gym and am enjoying the change in scenery.

More to come as I settle in bu lets just say last nights workout was epic.  I have lifted heavy like that in years!

Where have I been?

I have actually kept up with my P90X3 workouts, and teaching, I just haven’t had time to really blog about it.

So here’s the deal, just like with P90X, X2 and now X3, month 2 of these workouts is hard and feels like no man’s land.  You may or may not see changes, feel stronger or thinner but don’t quit.

Now is absolutely the time where are the changes are being made!  Just like when a caterpillar is in it’s cocoon and you see nothing happening, an entirely different creature is about to emerge.

I decided not to write much about block 2 of P90x3 because it is hard and I would be doing a lot of bitching about how hard it is but you know what, it’s also the most fun i’ve had doing one of these workouts in a log time.

Eccentric Upper, Eccentric lower, Incinerator, triometrics, x3 yoga and MMX all rotating for the last three weeks has been challenging but I see the difference and I FEEL the difference!  But if i had to describe these to you on a daily basis, they suck!  My legs and hips are still sore from yesterday!

does this look fun?

just look at Tony’s face and he phones it in half the time.

or this

chest still burning and you recover enough to do it again the next week

how about this from triometrics:

Basically, month 2 of any P90X workout program is a lot of hard work that you may or may not see the results of…Until next month :)

I”m entering the recovery week starting Monday and then it’s Month 3 of P90x3 and i’m excited about how this is going to turn out!  I feel stronger an more stable.  Weaknesses in my hips an legs are beginning to repair themselves and it’s a GREAT Program!  order a copy!

I am officially signed up for PiYo certification at the end of the month and I think this will be an excellent addition to my training.  The more I run the more I see how flexibility and core strength are important.  I can’t wait to teach this one in class :)

So there you have it!  I’ve been working out and pushing play everyday.  I’m currently on day 47 of the program and ready to take on next months challenges.

Are you still here with me?

Oh no! Kryptonite located!!!

When you start any journey, you have to remember the why. #rundisney #roadtodisney #dopey2015 #dosomethingamazing

This workout should just be called leg death.

I understand why it’s called triometrics.  Each exercise is a minute and broken into 20 second phases.  Example, you’ll do lunges, then you’ll do a deeper lunge, then you’ll do a deeper lunge with a jump.  

I am already sore and tired from the run on Sunday, Monday’s workout and then I also did a session of Bikram last night.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so inflexible in my life!  Bikram just about killed me!  My hips and lower back are getting tighter from the other workouts that i’m doing so Bikram comes along and attempts to work that out.

Triangle and blow pulling pose just about killed my legs and if that wasn’t enough, toss in T as in torture and I was ready to die

Needless to say all that work on top of today’s Triometrics has me feeling like spaghetti.



What am I doing to myself?

Truth is, I haven’t felt this sore in ages and it’s a good sore.  I”m tired and weak now but I can feel more strength returning, flexibility coming back and weight dropping.  Month 2 of P90X is always the hardest and with the additional things i’m doing, I can’t expect this to be easy, but…

Tomorrow is Yoga X3….which I would be excited about doing but i’m so sore i can only hurt…

Keep pushing play!

I”m now moving on to Month 2 of P90X3 and it starts off with a boom!

it’s a simple workout with pushing and pulling but throws in an isometric twist.  I think the word of the day, when it comes to X3, is ISOMETRIC.  Every activity is designed to activate multiple muscles and keep then engaged during the course of the workout.

I did a 4 mile run on Easter Sunday.  During the trail portion of the run I hit a thorn bush and scratched up my leg pretty good.  I guess body pain now means less when the 1/2 and full marathons begin.

Time for a Shakeology and then off to work

Have a great one 

When you start any journey, you have to remember the why. #rundisney #roadtodisney #dopey2015 #dosomethingamazing

Last night I taught Turbo-kick subbing for another instructor.  Turbo is a weird activity because I love it but it’s only good if the energy in the room is there with you.  As the instructor, it’s my job to try to bring an excess of energy and fun…that did not happen last night.


So I put on my best face but I wasn’t really feeling it so the class wasn’t necessarily the best class oh well…

This morning—


But it’s a P90X3 morning so I did Dynamics

Another GREAT working in the transition week!  If Isometrics was the hard parts of yoga, Dynamics is the moving parts of yoga.  (There is a lot more to it than that but this is the best way to describe both).

This workout is also the bonus workout you do on Sunday if you need to workout 7 days a week instead of 6, i’m sorry that I’ve been skipping it!  No more!  Tightness is gone, mobility is feeling good, Tony knows his stuff

As Tony Horton would say (he actually said this to me at Disney World 3 years ago)

You’re Welcome!

Ok, that’s all for now.  I”m supposed to run today but I don’t want to with snow and cold on the ground so we shall see if i can win that mental battle.

Have a great one

the 4th week of each block is the transition week.  The activities tend to focus more on stretching, yoga and cardio so your muscles can recover for the next block


I really like this routine! (I know I seem to say that a lot but it’s true).  ISO metrics is one of those workouts where you don’t use any weights and you just hold a position until you begin to shake.  10 minutes in i’m sweating.  This and yoga are the kind of workouts that “thin” you our and give you a nice form

I didn’t think it was possible for Drey to look any better but WOW, she’s ripped, slimmer and looks much healthier than she did in X2.  Everyone looks healthier than they did in X2, I wonder what changed?

Each exercise is held for 45 seconds and there are no breaks so it’s pretty tough.  Tony says something in the beginning that if you let it sink in, you’ll make it thorugh.

"You have to breathe and believe you can go 45 seconds"

You do, when the shaking comes at 20 seconds, you really need to breath and hold on.

Tonight I”m teaching a Turbo-Kick class and then taking final measurements for my 24 day challenge!

This weekend was rough because after Saturdays class, I got sick and spend the rest of Sat and Sunday laying around in a state of semi sleep and laziness.

Isometrics was perfect for this morning.

Have a good one