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Last night I taught Turbo-kick subbing for another instructor.  Turbo is a weird activity because I love it but it’s only good if the energy in the room is there with you.  As the instructor, it’s my job to try to bring an excess of energy and fun…that did not happen last night.


So I put on my best face but I wasn’t really feeling it so the class wasn’t necessarily the best class oh well…

This morning—


But it’s a P90X3 morning so I did Dynamics

Another GREAT working in the transition week!  If Isometrics was the hard parts of yoga, Dynamics is the moving parts of yoga.  (There is a lot more to it than that but this is the best way to describe both).

This workout is also the bonus workout you do on Sunday if you need to workout 7 days a week instead of 6, i’m sorry that I’ve been skipping it!  No more!  Tightness is gone, mobility is feeling good, Tony knows his stuff

As Tony Horton would say (he actually said this to me at Disney World 3 years ago)

You’re Welcome!

Ok, that’s all for now.  I”m supposed to run today but I don’t want to with snow and cold on the ground so we shall see if i can win that mental battle.

Have a great one


the 4th week of each block is the transition week.  The activities tend to focus more on stretching, yoga and cardio so your muscles can recover for the next block


I really like this routine! (I know I seem to say that a lot but it’s true).  ISO metrics is one of those workouts where you don’t use any weights and you just hold a position until you begin to shake.  10 minutes in i’m sweating.  This and yoga are the kind of workouts that “thin” you our and give you a nice form

I didn’t think it was possible for Drey to look any better but WOW, she’s ripped, slimmer and looks much healthier than she did in X2.  Everyone looks healthier than they did in X2, I wonder what changed?

Each exercise is held for 45 seconds and there are no breaks so it’s pretty tough.  Tony says something in the beginning that if you let it sink in, you’ll make it thorugh.

"You have to breathe and believe you can go 45 seconds"

You do, when the shaking comes at 20 seconds, you really need to breath and hold on.

Tonight I”m teaching a Turbo-Kick class and then taking final measurements for my 24 day challenge!

This weekend was rough because after Saturdays class, I got sick and spend the rest of Sat and Sunday laying around in a state of semi sleep and laziness.

Isometrics was perfect for this morning.

Have a good one 


X3-W3-D5 - CVX kind of really sucked this morning.  I”m stiff, i’m tired i’m sore, you know everything you want from 3 solid weeks of working out hard.


My desire to do this workout was so low, I had to employ my motivation trick.  I put in the DVD, got dressed  and just watched it until my body decided that I have to do this (usually around the end of the warm up).  It’s not always easy but if you want change, you have to fight for change.


It probably would not have been so bad if I didn’t have a KILLER insanity session last night.  I teach Insanity every Thursday night and it’s an amazing experience seeing my classes get better and stronger and GROW!

Seems like more people join my class every week and the results are always the same:  After the first session they leave with that look on their faces that says “OMG, i’m NEVER doing this again”  but they come back the next week with the look of “I fit into pants on Saturday that  I couldn’t wear the week before and the difference was this class, let’s do this!”


There are a few workout formats that I’ve done and decided to get certified to teach because they are amazing

P90X - Certified because this workout is what started me getting back into shape and it’s changed my life.  I’ve met Tony Horton at Disney world, talk to him and worked out with him twice.  The man oozes energy and how can you not want to pass that on to others?

Insanity- I first did this workout, lost 45lbs and started running again.  I remember that first time with the DVD and being done and thinking “I have to do this again tomorrow?  and for 60 days?  I’m NEVER going to last.”  But I kept pushing play and moving and doing it and WOW!  The first time I had the chance to get certified in this, I jumped at it and it’s my favorite format to teach.  Seriously, I absolutely LOVE seeing someone struggle though the first class and I tell them that they just changed their body and next week will be so much better.  No one believe it…until they come back the next week and kick ass.  I have one girl in class who was absolutely horrendous her first time, the very next week it was like she was a different person.  NOW, she’ s an all star and watching that transformation is motivating (Yeah i’m talking about you :)

Turbo-Kick - was actually the 1st format I got certified to teach and it took me 4 months to get up the courage to teach a class.  It started me teaching as an instructor and I’ve never looked back.  I don’t teach it as much anymore because I love Insanity more but when I do, that workout get’s you kicking and moving and dancing and it’s FUN.

Next month i’m getting certified in PiYo, which is a pilates and yoga hybrid workout.  I would love to be a full fledged yoga instructor some day but I don’t have to time to vanish from my life for 4 weeks to go to a training camp.  Maybe next year… 


Follow the links and you can order any of these homework out programs and a month of Shakeology in a challenge pack and get started feeling better about yourself, your body and life.  Invest in you.  In the future, health will be the defining factor for cheaper rates in everything…trust me.

Today is the last day of my 24 days challenge so I’ll be posting results this weekend.  Tomorrow i’m teaching Strength training, Doing X3 - Warrior  and a 3 mile run.  It always hurts in the beginning but when summer get’s hear and 5K-Marathon season is going, it will be nice to BE ready instead of getting ready.

Keep pushing play and I’ll see ya tomorrow

www.beachbodycoach.com/brucea  - join me


Make it happen, for real this time.

(Source: fitnessgifs4u)

In no way did I want to do this workout today.  The challenge is intimidating because it’s only as hard as you make it but if you’re an A type personality like myself OR an individual who has decided to go on the P90X3 journey, you’re going to push yourself

I”m using push up stands and the bands for pullups and WHOA, I feel really worked out.  This is the third week, or the 18th day of this workout OR, the last time i’ll be doing the Challenge for a bit as next week is the “Transition week” (recovery week) as I get ready to move on to Month 2.

I upped my numbers on all the activities this time, even if i had to drop to my knees to finish, by god I finished!

The last 3 weeks of this have kinda of few by especially with it only being 30 minutes a day.  How can you not make this investment into your health and fitness?  Seriously, get off the fence and order a copy of P90X3.  IF you really don’t like it, you can return it and get a full refund.  You have nothing to lose!


I”m on my last two days of the 24 day challenge and I can feel the difference.  The winning ingredients in this challenge are the Spark and the Catalyst!  Shakeology is a better nutrition meal replacement than the Shake that comes with the Challenge BUT, the shake that comes with the challenge, initially, taste better.

I’ll go into more detail on all this probably over the weekend including measurements and comparisons of the two weight loss challenges I’ve done.  I will say that I do like this one a lot.  I need to order more Catalyst

I’m teaching Insanity Round 6 tonight, this will be fun!  Dig Deeper and i’ll see you tomorrow for CVX!


IT’s been a busy week.

First, I have not missed a workout, I’ve just been to busy to blog but I always update on my BB site that tracks workouts.

Second, I’ve been super sore and tired but I can feel myself workout out of this state so that’s a good thing

third - I’m out of Advocate Catalyst and it sucks!!!!

Let’s just in the way back machine and update

Saturday- killer workout day

I did P90X3 Warrior
Ran 3 miles and took a minutes off my time
Taught a killer strength class that has me sore still

Monday - P90X3 Totaly Synergistics

Tuesday - Agility X/ 3 mile run

I don’t like agility X so i decided to just do my run instead.


Just finished Yoga-X3 giving me a much needed stretch but my left shoulder blade is sore so I don’t know what’s going on there?

I’m scheduled to do 5X400 meter runs today so I’ll hit a track about 3:00

I”m on day 22 of my 24 days Advocate Challenge and I do like the products so I’ll take measurements again in 3 days and give a final update on this challenge vs the Ultimate Body reset.

That’s all I go for now.  The weather is getting nicer so running is getting easier, which is good.  I”m learning/relearning pace and cadence.  I’m also slowly working on lengthening my stride 400 meters at a time.  I run like a sprinter because I used to be a sprinter.  If i can get longer strides for distance running, I think it will be easier on my muscles, joints and i”ll have faster times.

IT’s a process.

Back at ya tomorrow.  Keep pushing play

The kings of fitness are in the house!

last night I taught Round 6 of Insanity to a packed house.  No workout will change your body and give you instant results like Insanity can.  When I say instant I mean INSTANT!  The very next day you feel stronger and faster and when you do the same workout again a week later, unless you sat on your butt all week, you will be faster and stronger.

It’s craziness!

My only problem with this round is that the music kind of sucks for the first Block and 1/2 of the workout.  Seriously, who wants to workout with Lana Del Rey moaning “Summer time sadness”?

(Knowing that Lana Del Rey exists and has a singing career is one of those things that makes my brain boil…if you like her you are either a gay male or a depressed teenage girl/20 something poser with attention issues…prove me wrong!)

CVX this morning is probably not the best workout to follow Insanity but hey, I want to make it Xtreme so I just needed to get it done!

30 minutes and WOW.  This is my current favorite of the P90X3 workouts and it’s fun!  So at some point during this workout out, my glutes are burning and I hear a cat screeching.  I look at the screen and…

SERIOUSLY, did Tony jut meow and hiss at the screen?

"Yes, yes I did."

This man is crazy, funny as hell and very motivational but he is crazy!

So that’s the workout for today, I need to show and eat.

Have a good one


2nd time doing this workout and WHOA!

Call it the challenge, call it hell in the gym, call it whatever you want to but if you’re really pushing, this is a hard ass workout.

You give yourself 2 numbers for the two types of exercises you will be doing and your goal is to hit that number every time.

My numbers are:


I hit the numbers but this is where the ego has to go and if you need to modify the activities or use an assist then do it.  The goal is to hit the numbers, then the goal is the hit the numbers without the assists, then the goal is to increase the numbers.  I hope to be in assist-less mode next week :)

Excellent workout!

Got out and ran 3 miles yesterday (2.98 or 2.67 depending on the GPS you are following).  It was chilly and I really didn’t feel like doing it which is the biggest reason i pushed the issue and did it.  If I only ran when it was warm out or I felt like it I would never run.

These shoes kind of hurt your feet until you adjust 

My calves are on fire because I run on my toes and my right leg is still not 100% but the only way to get used to and ultimately over come the pounding of running, it to run.

I ran into a head wind for about 2 miles and there was a solid windchill associated with it.  3 degrees out with a windchill of 29.  That’s cold and I forgot my gloves and hat.  But it had to get done 

Running, like yoga, is one of those activities that keeps me focused and calm.  It allows me to release frustration and stress and forget about dirty dishes or laundry or garbage or yard work or whatever i’m going to end up having to do because it needs to get done.  It also burns calories and really aids in weight loss and toning.

I’m on day 16 of my 24 days challenge

Things I have noticed:

There are a lot of vitamins to take

The most important think to remember is your water goals.  If I haven’t gotten enough water in during the day, I notice the difference, I feel constipated and dry.  You need to get that water into your system because it helps….NAY does the majority of the work in flushing your system.

Tonight i’m teaching Insanity Round 6.  It’s going to be a blast!

Have a great one and make sure you are setting goals.  Keep yourself accountable to your workout and Keep pressing play


30 minutes of Yoga this morning was difficult during the process but afterwards I feel EXCELLENT!

I’ve been kind of stiff and sore all week and this was a needed workout.  For some reason my hips and back are tight.

Anway, X3 yoga, GREAT!