I’m on the 4th week of T25 Alpha.  During this phase the five, 25 minute workout you do are designed to build a foundation so that when you progress to the Beta stage for the next four weeks, you aren’t completely lost.


Today was Speed and I’m finally on pace with the people in the video.  I was probably on pace last week but I was sore and stiff so it didn’t workout as well.  Every time I do one of these workout, I think to myself, today is the day we don’t sweat because I’ve adapted to the workout.  It never happens!  The better I do, the more I sweat.  If i have a not so great workout, I still sweat buckets.  This workout is the most fun I’ve had since Les Mills Combat (I need to see if i can get certified to teach that!)

Anyway, i’m teaching two classes tonight and I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday about my right foot.  He sent me a referral to a foot doctor, doesn’t’ think anything is broken just a weird strain or itis.  

I finally got a bag of Vanilla Shakeology and that’s been my morning drink


I like it but I won’t tell you it’s the best flavor.  I am a chocolate and Greenberry guy for the most part.  To me, vanilla shakeology taste like birthday cake ice cream so when I add a banana or peanut better to it, it’s REALLY GOOD but on it’s own….birthday cake ice cream.

Since starting a focused T25 /Shakeology plan 3 weeks ago, i’ve lost 4 inches off my mid section and I’m beginning to really see a difference.  My energy levels are up for the most part, the weather going from 90 to 40 is killing me but it’s more of a nature thing than my energy.  This program is working!

Today and tomorrow are the last two days you can order a T25 Challenge pack and pay no shipping!  Take advantage of it because this workout will push you, motivate you and be over before you feel like stopping.


Invest in you!


That’s all I go, time to work and recharge for tonight classes.  Have a good one and keep pushing play!


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