The very best thing about Shaun-T workouts, be it Insanity, Asylum, Hip-hop abs or Focus T25 is that the stronger you get, the better and harder the workout gets.

Adaptive training - your body adapts and adjusts to the activity so you go faster which makes it harder until you adapt again and then you go faster and the cycle continues.  This is why FORM is so important in the beginning.  Go slow with great form and later you will go fast with great form.

This is week 4 and i’m on the last two days of the Alpha phase.  I can tell ti’s time to move on the the Beta phase because I’m stronger and faster.  my body has adapted and i’m doing exercises now that I had trouble with 4 weeks ago.  Yep 25 minutes a day and I’m improving in leaps.

These improvements are translating to my other activities as well. It’s an entire physical life revolution!

Tonight is Insanity and I think i’m going to hit up Yoga tomorrow morning before heading downtown or Lollapolooza!

Keep focused on your fitness goal and attack it one day at a time!  Consistence y is how you get better as this workout has proven it’s not necessarily the amount of TIME you workout!

If you are interested in doing this workout, message me for more info or go to my site and order a copy.  You will not be disappointed!

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